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We are a strong, energetic team
with practical experience
in finance, banking and IT.

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We specialise in the production and outsourcing of proprietary IT systems supporting the banking sector and the market of POS payment terminals.

We have the experience, the necessary expertise and resources to implement and manage solutions the meet the individual requirements of our Clients. We have unique qualifications relating to the development and implementation of systems with high performance and mass capacity.

The mission of eSourcing is to deliver solutions and provide services that work for the benefit our Clients, create new business and activate new opportunities for development.

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Since 2005, we have created and developed top-quality software for the most demanding business sectors, such as banking and finance. We employ the best specialists with many years of experience and we have strong operating and IT capabilities.


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We create comprehensive, efficient and ergonomic system solutions – we want to improve the business processes and operating processes of our Clients. We are a partner in business – we share expertise and experience, remaining close to the Client at every stage of the project.


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During project implementation, we strive for perfection in every aspect. We focus on continual development of expertise and technical skills. The business objectives of our Clients and fulfilment of the functional requirements for our systems are the top priority to us.

DMT Innovation Cluster

eSourcing is a member of the DMT Innovation Cluster – a complex structure of many independent innovation-oriented companies, based on cooperation and mutual support.

In the Cluster, we use our energy to create and deliver innovation that is relevant to business and to the public. We want to create important, relevant and interesting things. We believe that true development is not just inventing further more or less useful gadgets. Rather, it is the creation of ideas that actually and considerably contribute to the quality and comfort of living.

Our pride comes from the fact that we do not only create such innovation – we can implement it so as to make it generally available. Innovations that work

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