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Modern and secure refilling

Fuel cards do not only enable cash-free payments – they can also be used for a transparent determination of payments for every vehicle. Owing to close cooperation with UTA, DKV, Eurowag, E100, Lotos, AVIA and DCI, our solutions are perfectly tailored to the requirements of these companies, and our fuel card system enables convenient payments for services and products related to travelling and use of the car. The security of all operations is guaranteed by the hardware security module (HSM), which handles the encryption of the data processed by the system.

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Remote management of POS terminals

TMS (Terminal Management System) – proprietary solution for remote management of POS terminals The operator of the system can easily add or remove a terminal, define its parameters, request an update, check the current status of the device (communication, errors, current configuration and parameters). With our API, it is possible to prepare an interface capable of setting parameters and downloading data through external systems (e.g. to present them in Dashboard form). The TMS enables management of any models of terminals of various manufacturers (e.g. Verifone – VX, Evo, Engage, Ingenico – Telium, Telium II, Tetra).

The system enables the following:

  • defining parameters through a web application
  • configuring the devices
  • managing terminal applications (including device components: OS, VMAC, EOS, etc.)
  • managing any terminal models of various manufacturers
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We reward loyalty

In cooperation with Delly, eSourcing offers a fully customisable multi-partner loyalty programme. The programme is arranged individually for each partner. The points are collected on the client's individual account using a plastic card or smartphone (with OCR technology). Programme participants may exchange the collected points into prizes, discounts or vouchers awarded by the partners of the programme.

On-line process management

The system is managed online using an intuitive panel. It is possible to quickly and easily check the following (among others):

  • frequency of customer visits to the given location
  • spending on the individual purchases/visits
  • personal profile of the programme participant
  • types of most frequently selected prizes.

Adequate promotions

The system can be used to create special promotions, e.g.:

  • happy hours
  • birthday prizes
  • special prizes.

Information about the promotions are communicated by e-mail or sms.




Fast tax refund system

The TaxFree application calculates the tax amount in the TAX FREE system and prints out the application for a tax refund. All tax refund transactions conducted in the TaxFree application are authorised on an external authorisation server, while the terminal application is managed by the TMS (Terminal Management System), which is a hierarchically structured centre that manages the network of all terminals.

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The terminal is the seller's interface used to print out the tax refund receipt. If the transaction data are incomplete, the terminal application waits until all required data are acquired, and then authorization is repeated. Before printing out the cash register receipt, the TaxFree application installed on the terminal collects all sales information (types of goods, transaction amount, tax amount) and particulars of the customer, including all information required for the tax refund (name, state, passport details, tax refund details).

Terminal oraz jego konfiguracja zarządzane są przez Terminal Management System.

The configuration of default refund values is checked daily on the authorisation server. Configuration update is controlled by the TMS generator.

TMS – learn more

Refund registration may be available:


  - online – TaxFree registration in France is based on the PaBLO system

  -  offline – implemented in the United Kingdom and Ireland – the refund form is printed out based on terminal configuration.

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