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For over 10 years, we have created innovative IT solutions relating to the management and processing of payments. The experience acquired over the course of dozens of projects and implementations in the payment area led to the development of the comprehensive Atom Payment Hubsystem. Atom Payment Hub is a modular transaction platform designed for full automation (consolidation, verification, routing and accounting) of the processing and management of payments at the bank (supported channels (among others): ELIXIR, SWIFT, SEPA, Sorbnet, VISA, Express ELIXIR, BlueCash, PayU Express, internal bank systems). 

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Payment Hub

Console designed for the monitoring and management of all transactions processed at the bank: incoming and outgoing transactions and transactions processed inside the bank systems. Supported channels: ELIXIR, SWIFT, SEPA, Sorbnet, VISA.

Express payments

Module enabling quick connection and comprehensive processing of instant payments from the Express Elixir, BlueCash and PayU Express systems and full integration with the pay-by-link (e-przelew) solutions available on the market and the Blik mobile payment system.

Transaction banking

Module responsible for functions relating to the processing and management of payments and payment handling operations such as mass incoming and outgoing payments, payment order, cash pooling, matching, support for real estate trust accounts and escrow accounts, cash flow forecasting.

Fees and charges

Module designed for flexible defining and charging of bank fees and charges capable of flexible definition of any price policies and models and calculation and posting of fees and charges.

Implementation of the Atom Payment Hub or its modules enables our clients to comprehensively manage all processes related to the processing of payments at the bank. The modular design enables flexible approach to the functional extension of the system – the solution expands with the expansion of the clients' business, and since the entire solution is based on the Atom Platform, which has been proven in many implementations, the possibilities regarding the scalability and performance of the solution are unlimited.

Atom Platform

Features of the solution

  • comprehensiveness
  • modular design
  • security
  • scalability
  • easy extension and integration
  • based on the proven Atom Platform
  • can be implemented in the licensing and outsourcing model
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The eSourcing factoring system is a comprehensive, flexible and efficient solution both for the factor and for the seller. It can be used for the automatic management of all factoring products available on the market, reducing the operating expenses of the factor and offering maximum simplicity and usefulness for the sellers.

The eSourcing factoring system consists of the following two main applications interfaced together:

  • eTrade – browser-based front-end system dedicated to sellers
  • Trade – platform for transactions and management of payments, providing full support for factoring process on the factor’s side.

These two separate applications create a single, comprehensive factoring solution; however, they may implemented separately and independently in a flexible fashion. Owing to its modular design, the factoring system is a very flexible solution capable of reproducing virtually every business process and operational process carried out by the factor and its sellers. During the joint analysis, our dedicated IT system works together with the client to identify and develop all key aspects of system operation so that the implemented solution is 100% in line with the needs of the factor and the sellers.

eTrade application 

The version for the seller, i.e. eTrade, essentially guides the user through the selection of receivables to be factored, and it uses non-invasive notifications. Statistics and reports and lists of receivables, with sorting and filtering by amount, date or business partner, help the clients to quickly establish the financial liquidity of the company and draw conclusions regarding the cooperation with the business partners. In combination with e-mail notifications, change of limits and deadlines for groups of contractors, they are also useful for the maintenance of financial liquidity, like the option of recovering the indicated receivables. The eTrade system enables virtually unrestricted extension in addition to the above-mentioned elements of the CRM panel.

Mobile application

Owing to the dedicated mobile application, the sellers have quick and easy access to the most important information about the current status of their factoring payments. A very useful new feature, particularly for smaller sellers, is the option of taking photographs of the invoices, which are then automatically scanned, digitised (OCR) and presented for buyout.


The matching feature is used to match the transfers with the individual receivables as payment for the fees for factoring services and payment of specific receivables, including the breakdown of the amount into invoices. The system identifies the transfers automatically, e.g. by the amount and description of the transfers. The matching function considerably reduces the time required to manage factoring by eliminating the need to manually allocate the payments.

Trade application

Platform for the factor enabling full control over the financing of the sellers' receivables, from the acceptance of contracts with a feature requiring confirmation by a second user, through the verification of the receivables to be financed to the monitoring of payments and their automatic management by the system or locking of financing after specific limits are exceeded. Extensive reporting system and department head supervision module for enhanced control. Security owing to reliable operation and IT support.

Sales workflow

The front-end system developed by eSourcing assists factors with the sales of factoring products. Using the dedicated website, it guides the clients interested in factoring products through the entire process – from lead generation, through the preparation and distribution of the quotations, requests, analysis and credit decision to the preparation and signing of the factoring contract and client onboarding.


The system is capable of generating pre-defined reports on sales for internal purposes and management purposes and reports meeting the formal requirements for accounting. The option of flexible configuration of such reports makes the work of the factor's operators much easier.

System features

  • automation
  • usefulness
  • comprehensiveness
  • flexibility
  • modular design
  • IT security
  • scalability
  • easy extension and integration
  • pre-defined integration with accounting systems

Supported types of factoring

  • full/non-recourse factoring
  • recourse factoring
  • reverse factoring
  • insured factoring

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Our system is an innovative software package intended for both global and domestic banks, designed to support the management of trade finance instruments and improve operational productivity in trade finance through comprehensive, flexible and efficient management.

The system consists of two integrated applications:

  • eTrade Solution – front-end system dedicated to the customers
  • Trade Solution – transaction and payment platform intended for banks to enable full management of trade finance processes.

The two applications form a comprehensive solution and can be implemented flexibly depending on the environment of the particular bank or customer. Thanks to containerisation, their final functions can be freely adjusted. During a joint analysis of the needs, our dedicated IT team together with the representatives of the bank identifies and implements all functions required by the particular organisation.

eTrade Solution application

  • modern appearance oriented towards user experience (UX) to streamline working time
  • friendly process used to submit dynamic requests and a database of ready-made templates
  • generation of drafts before sending the request to the bank
  • convenient notifications, suggestions, statistics, reports and lists of active and historic transactions
  • viewing available sublimits under the framework agreements
  • flexible adaptation of the eTrade Solution system

Trade Solution application

  • streamlined management of the entire transaction life cycle, from the time it is opened until it is fully utilized and archived
  • flexible selection of modules for specific products (documentary collections, financial collections, documentary letters of credit, stand-by letters of credit, bank guarantees)
  • saving the time required to manage the operations to reduce the labour costs of the bank
  • automating compliance processes and transaction data mapping to ensure transaction security
  • predefining the contents of letters and messages and intuitive workflow management to shorten the time required to manage the operations
  • fully-customisable user roles, with breakdown into teams and workflow views
  • reporting module with SLA
  • automated generation and settling of the fees and commissions without involving any operator of the bank
  • application adapted to SWIFT requirements (the data entered into the application will be subject to the restrictions consistent with the particular type of SWIFT message)
  • interfaces with other applications and the core system of the bank available as an option
  • ongoing verification of the availability of the limit for the particular customer, agreement, product, amount, currency, etc., preventing the transaction from being signed if these parameters are inconsistent
  • automated notifications to the customers and other units of the bank (in a form visible to the operator, e.g., debit notes for the customer, and in the background, e.g., currency reporting)
  • setting up an API for the customers’ systems in case of large corporations that do not use standard bank application forms
  • a large degree of freedom in the adaptation of the Trade Solution system

Mobile application

  • dedicated mobile application for the customers enabling them to submit and sign requests quickly and conveniently
  • accepting and previewing drafts
  • remote viewing of transaction status and sending messages to the bank
  • convenient notifications of actions that have to be performed
  • easy access to the transaction history


Process automation and risk mitigation by:

  • enabling data verification already when they are being entered into eTrade Solution
  • mapping transaction data with the AML/CTF/KYC/sanctions systems of the bank
  • adding other blacklists to the interfaces (e.g., lists related to an increased risk to the reputation of the bank, dual-use goods, etc.)
  • blocking the transactions until they are greenlit by the compliance department
  • smart OCR for reading data from PDF files (documents presented in connection with collections, letters of credit, contracts enclosed with the application forms, etc.).

Analysing documents

Automation of operational processes:

    • smart OCR to automatically recognise most transaction data from the scanned documents (requests submitted on paper, commercial documents, forms of bank guarantees in the paper version, etc.)
    • mapping and verifying data with compliance systems or blacklists
    • machine learning and analysing documents for conformity to the terms of the letter of credit/UCP/ISBP/other blacklists defined for the particular customer
    • automatic evaluation of data in the presented documents
    • listing questionable items and presenting them in a convenient form for the operator to decide
    • suggestions for the users indicating which items cannot be verified automatically and will require an intervention of a bank employee.

    System features

    • automation
    • quicker processing
    • conformity to compliance requirements
    • data mapping
    • usefulness
    • comprehensiveness
    • flexibility
    • modular design
    • scalability
    • easy expansion and integration

    Supported trade finance instruments

    • financial import/export collection
    • documentary import/export collection
    • documentary import/export letter of credit
    • discounting import/export letter of credit
    • confirmation of export letter of credit
    • irrevocable reimbursement undertaking (IRU)
    • transfer of an export letter of credit
    • import/export stand-by letter of credit
    • outgoing/incoming bank guarantee

    According to the latest reports of companies and research institutes, including ‘Tech Trends 2018. The symphonic enterprise’ by Deloitte, robotisation, automation and the use of API are the key business trends for the near future. As an active participant and one of the leaders of the market of IT solutions for banking, eSourcing has provided end-to-end business process automation services for many years. We assist our customers at all stages – from identification of processes to be automated, through environment preparation and implementation of the planned solutions.

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    We employ a comprehensive approach to the automation process. We assist financial institutions with robot roll-out and with automation of the areas where robotisation is not enough. The synergy effect is achieved by the use of state-of-the-art technologies, the proven Atom automation platform, and our thorough knowledge and extensive experience as implementers and as a software house.

    Atom Platform

    In our projects we employ

    • OCR technology for digitisation and preparation of input for process automation
    • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for robotisation of repeatable business processes. We work with the UiPath, Kofax Kapov, Blue Prism, Nice and Automation Anywhere robots
    • The Atom platform for environment preparation for automation and for automation of complex back-office processes and mass processes
    • The BPM system for efficient management and process planning


    • improved business efficiency
    • better utilisation of company’s potential and resources
    • shorter process handling times
    • higher ROI
    • reduced operating costs
    • improved process control
    • elimination of errors
    • simple scalability


    Paper documents are still a part of most business processes. Using tools for text and image recognition, we help our clients to digitise data from paper media and use them for automation and improvement of operational activities and processes. Smart OCR solutions support back-office work and front-end processes, such as, for instance, photo payments. We use a comprehensive approach to OCR, including the creation of dedicated templates, verification stations, workflow or document archive.


    Our OCR implementations are conducted using the ABBYY FlexiCapture platform, which lets us use a pre-defined system for the processing of subsequent types of documents, minimising the costs of licences, administration, user training and system implementation. ABBYY FlexiCapture is a universal tool designed to process any types of documents based on automatic identification of the required data (flexilayout) on unstructured documents and OCR/ICR character recognition technology.

    Smart OCR includes the following pre-defined processing modules:

    • Invoices 
    • Financial statements
    • Utility bills
    • Debt collection documents
    • Damage insurance documents

    • ID documents
    • Payment order
    • Bank forms


    We now offer Real Time Recognition solutions for on-line data recognition.

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    Some of the clients using Smart OCR solutions

    • PKO BP – OCR used to optimise the processing of payment orders – handwriting.
    • Alior Bank – processing documents, attachments by writ of execution and payment forms.
    • Nest Bank – OCR of data in invoice photographs made with a mobile phone (photopayments).
    • BGŻ BNP PARIBAS – processing financial statement documents (F01, balance sheet, profit and loss account), payment orders and invoices.
    • Deutsche Bank – using OCR to optimise the processing of attachment by writ of execution.
    • GE Money Bank – processing of bank forms in the lending process.

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    A new EU directive will become effective in 2018 – PSD2 – that regulates the common payments market. Due to technological development, the growing popularity of online services and the change of consumer behaviours, it became necessary to implement regulations designed to increase the protection of consumers, improve the convenience and safety of using payment services, reducing their costs and promoting financial innovation. It is expected that the new regulations will be accompanied by a number of changes and requirements, which may be broken down into 2 groups:

    • obligatory – passive in the context of the institutions that comply with them; they have to be implemented with a fairly specifically defined form and scope
    • active – designed to acquire new clients or increase the satisfaction of existing clients.

    eSourcing offers a package of products enabling the financial institutions to both adapt to the changing legal and business environment and to use the implementation of PSD2 to gain competitive advantage.

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    PSD2 interface (Obligatory)

    Regardless of the adopted strategy, every financial institution will be obliged to provide third party providers (TPP), through a secure and fast interface, with information about the account (AIS) and the option of payment initiation (PIS). If you decide to meet this obligation using our platform, you can, on the one hand, satisfy the regulatory requirements arising from the provisions of PSD2 without having to develop the software on your own, which is both time-consuming and costly, and, on the other hand, learn who uses the data concerning your clients and how, at the same time maintaining full control over the process.

    PSD2 interface for TPPs

    The natural extension of the obligatory interface is its equivalent for the TPPs. Neither the applicable law nor the planned regulations prevent financial institutions or their subsidiaries from acting as TPPs. Consequently, we expect that most of them will be interested in both tools. Products developed based on this platform will be the natural counterbalance to the consequences of the implementation of the obligatory API. The most dynamic institutions, which give priority to relationships with the client, already openly refer to their plans to create consoles for accounts in multiple banks and provide them to the clients.


    Both interfaces form the technical-integrating layer. Through MONEY HUB run as an independent application or as an extension of electronic and/or mobile banking, the clients will have a single, universal tool to order transactions, manage deposits, track the balance on their accounts, invest funds and obtain financing in all banks whose services they use.

    Additionally, using the integrated automatic analytical and predictive tools, the clients can optimise their portfolios (e.g. through cash pooling or transfer of all available funds to the bank with the best overnight deposit and distribute the funds to the original accounts in the morning). The primary objective is to deliver tools enabling flexible and effective management of the available funds in a simple manner to maximise profits and limit costs. Winner of the HIT OF THE YEAR 2017 competition organised by Gazeta Bankowa.

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